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What girl doesn't love makeup? We are born with the desire to be pretty. As a little girl, we look into the mirror and smile naturally. As a teen we wish we were that pretty girl on the cover of a magazine . As we get older, we shop for the perfect makeup. We apply it to our faces and think we've done well . That is exactly how i felt until i had my makeup professionally done by Mary Redinger. Mary is a true artist. She has magic in her fingers. As a mother of a bride, I wanted to look my best. I guess i really didn't know what my best was until Mary did my makeup. When i looked into the mirror, I felt like a little girl again.....NATURAL! I was beautiful! Mary stared at my face, smiled and went to work. She was so professional and soothing. Her brush strokes were that of a true artist with his canvas. When she held the mirror to my face i felt like model on the cover of a magazine. Was it really ME? I watched her do my daughter, the bride! The WOW factor set in. My little girl was the most beautiful bride in the world. She looked so natural. What Mary has is not taught or bought. It is born into her. She takes great pride in her work and it shows. I am truly blessed that i had Mary in my life on one of the most important days of my life. They say pictures say a thousand words. They sure do.....they say who did your makeup ? Its gorgeous. I smile and proudly say, "Mary Redinger".

Mary far exceeded my expectations for my bridal makeup. I still look at my wedding pictures and can't believe thats she was able to give me the most perfect look for my big day. Simple and sophisticated all in one. I wish i could have her do my makeup everyday. 


Mary is a phenomenal make-up artist. I have had her on several occasions do make-up for special events and I am always amazed at what a beautiful job she does! She is professional, personable and so much fun. She works well with individuals and groups and is very organized and detail oriented, which is so important when working in this industry. I highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed. 

I have been getting my nails done by Mary for years now! She’s also done my make up for special occasions. I would never go anywhere else - reasonably priced, relaxed environment and always friendly! My “go-to” for nails & make up! :) 

Mar is passionate, talented and will make you look beautiful! She has been doing my makeup since Highschool and everytime she exceeds my expectations. She made me look flawless on my wedding day! My bridemaids couldn't have been more impressed with her airbrush skills and attention to detail on the look they wanted. Not to mention our makeup lasted all night long! 


Mary has been my nail technician for over 20 years and I am constantly getting compliments regarding my nails.   Let's be honest would I still be with her after 20 years if she was not awesome !!! Mary has also been responsible for doing my daughter's make up for many special occasions which include homecoming and Prom. Again, my daughter received many complements regarding her make up.  I would recommend Mary to anyone looking for a nail technician or make up artist because that is exactly what Mary is an artist in her field of speciality ❤

A few weeks before my wedding day I was panicking as I was horrified with the make up trial I had done and very much in distress. A friend of mine recommended me to Mary and here I am today, being her regular client, not only for special occasions but for regular night outs when I want to feel and look my best! 

Mary has incredible talent and an amazing personality.I highly recommend letting her assess you and take her advice. She knows what she is doing and how to make you look gorgeous on your special day.

On our first meeting all I had to say was ‘make me look my best’ and here she goes, very focused and comfortable in her skin. She suggested and tried colors and style and explained why. Right away I had full confidence in her and let her do what she thought was best for me. During the session I could tell she is passionate about her work and the result was extraordinary.  As such I immediately felt she was ‘the one’ for my special day! Next minute you know I looked at myself in the mirror and to my surprise I could not believe what I saw, the very best version of me, just like a celebrity! I felt like a princess ready to walk down the isle. Even my friends praised that I looked gorgeous and ended up using her service too on my wedding day.

Mary arrived early the wedding day to start on time. She is very talented and very experienced. Not only she is professional but also very fun to talk to and made the whole experience very enjoyable. Her professional manner and sweet personality fits perfect as a makeup artist for weddings and special occasions! Mary completed my makeup  (bride), my mother, my maid of honor, aunties, 2 friends and a guest in less than 7 hours. Mary listened carefully to each lady's expectations and applied their makeup in the way they requested. She also was a step ahead and advised me on skin routine before the wedding to help revitalize my skin and make it look fresh and more youthful for my so awaited day. If you are looking for perfection and want to feel comfortable in your own skin then I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to have flawless makeup done on requested location (she travels wherever you ask her and is very accommodating) of their wedding or any other special occasion. Not only Mary is a star but she makes you feel like one!

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